Kinto and MX Keys - remap tilde next to left shift

With kinto, instead of ~ (tilde) I got so used to, they key next to left shift on my MX Keys keyboard was mapped to <> (less than, greater than) keys.

It was so annoying that I have found a way to change it.

In find the following seciton:

"General GUI" (}, "General GUI")

and to this section (so above the line) add:

    K("RShift-KEY_102ND"): K("RShift-Grave"),
    K("KEY_102ND"): K("Grave"),

Another mapping I’ve added was to allow windows tile using my prefered shortctus:

# Open preferences in browsers
define_keymap(re.compile("^Firefox$", re.IGNORECASE),{
    K("C-comma"): [
    K("RC-Shift-N"):    K("RC-Shift-P"),        # Open private window with Ctrl+Shift+N like other browsers
    K("LM-RC-Left"):    K("LSuper-RC-Left"), # allow to tile window left
    K("LM-RC-Right"):   K("LSuper-RC-Right"), # allow to tile window right